If you’re looking for a survival server with slight deviation from vanilla and a friendly community, look no further than DaleTech. Our server owner (rustyshakelford2) runs the physical server from his home and works hard to keep it running well. Other staff include one other administrator (myself, username bootsydoodles) and several moderators to ensure that any problems are solved promptly. Major plug-ins include mcMMo, CreativeFly, MobCatcher, AntiCheat, and LavaFurnace, and Spleef. A full list of plugins can be found under /plugins on the server. We’re always happy to see new faces on the server and hope you will be one of them!


You must be 15+ years old. Exceptions have been made in the past for underage users who were not disruptive. No griefing. Do not touch what is not yours. Do not build too close to any existing buildings without permission. Don’t try to open or steal from chests you don’t own.

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