Dig Straight Down



The server is on Hard Survival mode. Very close to vanilla. Our members are friendly and helpful. We have players from nearly all corners of the globe. Grief is dealt with swiftly and forcefully. We have many gifted builders. We offer a safe, fun environment, free of the corruption and annoyance of many servers. The server was started November 11, 2011. Our live map is available at http://digstraightdown.com/home/map. Ages: Adult only

Minecraft version: We are now running the latest version of Minecraft and Bukkit. This server did not reset at the update to 1.7. This server never resets. We never wipe the map and start over. Instead we expanded the map. We have done this before at various updates, and we will continue this policy. Builds are permanent. When new versions come out we will update when Bukkit has updated and is stable.

Rules: Treat everyone with respect. No griefing, no stealing, no mods that affect gameplay, no use of macros or special equipment (keyboards, mice) which allow shortcuts in gameplay. PVP is off except in the Arena. No racist, bigoted or homophobic language. For further information see http://www.digstraightdown.com/home/rules.

Name Guidelines: We have some guidelines for Minecraft names. We do not admit players whose names make references to race, religion, ethnicity, puerile sex puns, scatological jokes, political parties, drug/alcohol references, or whose names are designed to be offensive or provocative in any other way. In short, annoying names are not allowed.

Check us out! We are “greylisted,” anyone can log on.

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